Social Security Disability and SSI Disability Attorney

Representing claimants throughout Washington, the Pacific Northwest, and nationwide

When you are too disabled to work, whether it be physically or mentally, David Oliver and Associates is here to help you develop your claim for Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI Disability Benefits. David Oliver has represented over 14,000 clients and is recognized as an excellent Social Security attorney nationwide.

You need a representative who knows Social Security’s rules and has years of experience developing these claims to assist you. When you are hurting, physically and/or mentally, we have those years of experience needed to help you develop the strongest case.

About our practice areas

Disability Benefits based on having obtained and maintained insured status through contributions to Social Security.

It pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you:

  • Have a disability and 
  • Worked enough years to qualify and paid Social Security taxes during the years you worked

Disability Benefits that do not require you to have worked. The benefits are based on meeting Social Security Disability criteria, and meeting low income and assets requirements.

SSI Disability Benefits for persons less than 18 years old, or under age 22 and a student regularly attending school

Disability Benefits limited to persons who are 18 or older and can prove that disability began on or before their 22nd birthday and who have a parent who is receiving or has received Social Security Benefits.

Disability Benefits based on the earnings record of a deceased spouse.​